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our shy fingertips

by Willows

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this is an album about a girl.


released July 15, 2015

written, recorded, and produced by this guy (me).

shoutout to rudy's phone for being out of service and making a great addition to "... and our shy fingertips"



all rights reserved


Willows Salinas, California

i write songs about being a cry baby

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Track Name: with our trembling hands...
night falls all around us
as we're lying awake
with our trembling hands
and our shy fingertips
i adore who you are
and every inch of your skin
i adore your voice
and the sweetness it speaks

i think back to the day we first kissed and i feel everything. i feel my hand on your neck and my lips on yours. i feel the surreality that came with the loss of consciousness. the loss of will to ever let go.

and self-destruction will come the self-obsession to destroy all my self-acceptance. my recollection of every misty night amidst the thirsty dark will bring me back to repentance. regretting every step i took to burn the things that shook me awake every night for a month. because in the end, those things are a part of me. and to destroy them is to destroy myself.
Track Name: ... and our shy fingertips.
they come back and try to remind us
but we always forget, we always forget
Track Name: i'm gonna be pretty upset if i die before i take you on a date to the boardwalk
do you mind if i just lie in your arms
for as long as i want?
cause i'd really love to be there
rather than curled up in my bed

i get so lonely when i'm not holding your hands
and i get so flustered when you say that i am yours

the first time that i felt your skin, i could not believe that i was yours
Track Name: right before i held her hand
i don't recall what it was like
right before i held her hand
in that old town movie theater
i never thought that i would need her
this much, as to be unable
to go a day without talking to her about my day
and hearing about hers

she looked at me across her bed
and told me that i was pretty
i'll admit it made me blush
but i'm not ashamed cause we were alone
she looked at me across her bed
and told me to stay with her forever
not in her bed but in her arms
or whichever lasts longer for us