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junebug EP

by Willows

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this is a whiny cry baby album that was written in my old home for a girl

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released April 11, 2015

written and recorded by ariel

credit to girl for inspiring me



all rights reserved


Willows Salinas, California

i write songs about being a cry baby

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Track Name: friends
when did we go wrong
cause i could've sworn
you fell in love with me like i
fell for you

you've cost me so many nights
and so many months
so i'll drown these words into my dreams
and into my skin and into every trace of you

sometimes i sit in my bathroom floor
punching myself until the pain compares
but nothing ever comes as close
and that's when i start to wish that i was dead

i swam in too deep
but you stayed at the shore
i think you're over me
but me, i love you even more
this was huge for me because
i'm afraid to swim
i'm afraid that when i see you
i wont be happy again
cause i kept all the photographs
your handwritten letters on my back
i kept everything that ever meant
anything to you and me
Track Name: hope
it' dark again
and i'm blasting modern baseball
in my room
i always loved the cold
but without you it's frightening
i wait for it to eat me whole
and crush all of my bones

but i still hope that you're okay
i hope it all worked out the way that you wanted
i hope you still care if i'm okay
cause i'm not
at all
Track Name: junebug
you said you were sad and i said i was too
you told me i know it's very much like you
you said, "i've been doing fine, and you've
been off my mind, until now."

i said, "i'm happy for you."
but you knew i didn't mean it
when the words 'i need you'
came running out my mouth
you stared at me blankly and said, "i thought we were through."
i looked at you longingly and said, "i wish we were too."

i wanted to tell you that i still loved you
but by the look in your eyes, i didn't need to
you wanted to tell me you found someone else
but by my shaky voice, you knew you didn't have to
Track Name: 11:03
i dreamed of you last night
for the 6th time in a row
i keep imagining you'll walk right into me
hold me tight and never let me go
just like i want you to

i want to hold you one last time
and cry until i'm empty
you can take all of my pain
and throw it somewhere else
because i'm tired of blurry vision
stuffy noses and chapped lips
i'm tired of having you in my mind
your eyes in endless clips

i'm in love with every one of your moves
i'm in love with everything you do
i'm in love
i'm in love
i'm in love with you
Track Name: humbug
just a shitload of humming

a shitload's an exaggeration tbh

****a lot of humming